The HR AI Assistant that empowers employees

The revolutionary AI Assistant that automates HR support, delivering what employees need when they ask for it.

HR AI assistant

Access 24/7 HR support,

anytime, anywhere

Increase HR access and efficiency for office, remote and frontline employees by a minimum of 12%.

Supercharge employee


Join the 75% of leaders who say that using AI improves collaboration and saves them 10’s of thousands of hours a year.

Personalise and enhance

employee experience

Boost productivity by up to 15% and improve employee experience.

Automate HR support so you can deliver impact

Empower your global workforce with Equip AI, the ultimate solution for instant impact, created by Vitro Global. From resolving support tickets to searching content, uncovering data and automating workflows, in over 100 languages, all seamlessly integrated into your workplace platform.

Equip AI integrates with your learning platforms and draws on the knowledge of your content library. Employees can search through videos, podcasts, reports and much more.  It’s all in Explore.

Name, design and brand Equip AI to meet your needs
Set the tone to match your company culture
You decide what content is available
Data access is controlled by existing security permissions



This AI tool has been carefully constructed to provide a beautiful user experience to support employee adoption and ease of use. Its user-friendly interface allows employees to access information, submit requests and receive automated guidance on HR processes.

Agent-based AI

Our AI Agent revolutionises conversational AI by intelligently reasoning, planning and executing solutions beyond mere responses. It stands out by integrating data analysis, entity extraction and personalised insights, marking a new era of context-aware, adaptive interaction.

Next Gen AI

Equip AI is a third generation conversational AI tool, designed to utilise AI to its best potential. It uses Natural Language Processing to interpret and respond to human language, enabling users to interact with the tool in a conversational way.


Seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems (HRIS, ATS etc). Track HR metrics (e.g. employee requests / queries), generate reports and provide insights for informed decision-making. Predict trends and issues related to workforce management and observe real-time data analytics to gain better strategic insights for continuous improvement.

Automated HR

Automate HR service delivery and provide a digital assistant to employees. Tailor features to cater to different HR functions such as compensation, benefits and employee relations etc. Assist in setting goals, tracking performance and providing feedback.

Risk Mitigation

Robust security features protect sensitive employee data and comply with data privacy regulations helping to improve compliance and risk management. Mitigate risks with continuous review and ensure adherence to legal and regulatory standards by improving access to guidance on organisational policies.

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